Fantastic-sounding, completely eco-friendly Farallon tenor uke from Blackbird. From the builders: "Farallon, named for the Islands that lie off the coast of San Francisco, is the one and only tenor crafted from Ekoa®—our high-performance material made of natural linen fiber and bioresin. Farallon’s ‘double top’ soundboard is lighter than wood and tuned for a powerful vintage tone. This ecological composite is also structurally superior to vintage old-growth wood, increasing resonance along with complete temperature and humidity stability. The rugged hollow neck one-piece structure enhances projection further providing you with unmatched dynamics and the ultimate playing experience. Farallon includes a heavy padded soft case, and strap buttons."


  • Strap buttons installed
  • Full-body Sunburst
  • 1.4" nut width
  • Dimensions: 26.5 in x 9.35 in x 3.25 in
  • Gig bag included

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