The new Waterloo WL-AT archtop guitars are in stock! One of the guitars we've always wished was part of the Waterloo lineup is a small bodied archtop in the vein of an Epiphone Olympic or Kalamazoo KG-21. And apparently, the late, great Bill Collings had always intended to make an archtop part of his new brand as well. From Waterloo Guitars: "Bill’s original vision for Waterloo Guitars actually included plans to offer an archtop guitar as part of the lineup. He kept a 1930s flat-backed Recording King archtop in his back office, usually thrown haphazardly into the backseat of a stripped down 1940 Ford convertible, which he had plans to someday restore. The guitar was disassembled into pieces, but he would occasionally pull out the body or neck and inspect it, contemplating on how he might re-create such an instrument with his own twist. He was especially intrigued by the flat mahogany back, which is an integral part of the sound that runs consistently through the Waterloo line."

The WL-AT features the aforementioned flat mahogany back and a carved Spruce top, deliver sound that far surpasses many of the vintage guitars that inspired it. With the fit and finish and playability you'd expect from a Waterloo guitar, the WL-AT offers a previously unseen option for guitarists interested in a purely acoustic archtop capable of delivering an impressive range of sounds across multiple styles of music. Have a listen to friend of the shop, Lyle Brewer, playing one by clicking the 'Video' icon in this listing. Price includes hard case.


  • Flat solid Mahogany back & Mahogany sides
  • Carved solid Spruce top
  • Jet Black Finish
  • 14 13/16" body width
  • 19 1/4" body length
  • 4" body depth
  • 24 7/8" Scale length
  • 1 3/4" nut width
  • 2 5/16" string spacing
  • Serial No. WL3413

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