"I think what sets Lentz guitars apart is my experience with so many guitars over the years. I've refinished hundreds of vintage Strat's and Tele's, not to mention several 50's Les Pauls. What this is has done for me is to give me an ear for certain nuances that I found to be the essence of guitar sounds I like." -Scott Lentz

We've been singing the praises of Lentz guitars for years and feel they're making some of the best high-end Fender style guitars you can buy. Exhibit A? This like-new 2019 Traditional T-style build featuring a one-piece Ash body and an impossibly dark Brazilian fingerboard. It should be noted that these specs are typically set aside for their Reserve level guitars, so this T is a fantastic bargain. 

What's fascinating about these guitars is how every aspect of the build is perfect, but the guitars don't feel sterile or perfect-for-the-sake-of-perfect. To the contrary, these are some of the most alive, soulful, tone-filled bolt-necks you can get. The father/son pair (Scott Sr and Jr) have restored countless numbers of prized vintage electric guitars for decades so they've seen inside and out, quite literally, what makes those old guitars exceptional and it shows in their builds. 

The two things that make a Lentz a cut above the rest are their necks and their pickups. The necks are wonderfully chunky - a handful, but never clunky feeling. The pickups are wound for each specific guitar based on the guitar's woods, weight, etc...What you end up with is an ultra-stable neck that rarely if ever needs adjustment (we've played Lentz guitars for many years before representing them at the shop so we're speaking from first-hand experience) and tones that are simply jaw-dropping. We have the luxury of a/b'ing new builds like this with 50s and 60s Tele's that happen to be in the shop - truth be told? We'd take the Lentz almost every time. It captures everything about those old guitars but with new, flawless construction. 

Condition: Like new. 

If you've been looking to get your hands on a Lentz, this is your chance. We don't expect this one to last long. Priced with hardshell case. 



  • Body: One piece ash <3.5lbs

  • Color Two tone

  • Neck: Rosewood cap  - 9.5 radius - 1.687 at the nut - .880 at the first fret - Soft V profile

  • Fingerboard: Brazilian

  • Nut: Bone

  • Frets: 6105

  • Bridge: Traditional T' Style Gotoh

  • Pickups: Lentz Traditional: Front, alnico-5 8.21k (43AWG) - Lead, alnico-2 10.00k (43AWG)

  • Pickguard: 1-ply parchment

  • Electronics: Matching potentiometers with oil + paper capacitors

  • Harware: Lentz, Gotoh

  • G&G case

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