Lentz Reserve T Fiesta Red Brazilian (2018)



"I think what sets Lentz guitars apart is my experience with so many guitars over the years. I've refinished hundreds of vintage Strat's and Tele's, not to mention several 50's Les Pauls. What this is has done for me is to give me an ear for certain nuances that I found to be the essence of guitar sounds I like." -Scott Lentz

We just took in this gently used 2018 Fiesta Red Reserve T and are thrilled to have it back in the shop. The owner really loves this guitar but recently had an opportunity to purchase a highly sought after, very rare acoustic guitar. We've all been there - you have to give one to get one, even the ones you love. 

From the original post....

What you notice immediately upon strumming your first chords is the resonance. This guitar feels very alive and musical in your hands even without the aid of an amp. We can't overstate the importance of the "Lentz feel" - it's everything with these guitars and impossible to pinpoint, but it's addictive, and one of the reasons these guitars as so highly regarded by so many. They're balanced, responsive, open...again, very alive instruments. 

The Reserve line of Lentz guitars utilizes cabinet aged woods (25+ years is typical), lightweight one piece bodies, Brazilian rosewood fretboards made from stock dating back to 1915, pickups wound specifically for each guitar, nitrate guards, and the electronics are carefully matched in order to achieve the best tones possible - no detail is left untouched.

Scott Lentz Sr. is known for some of the best finish work in the business. The fiesta red on this Reserve T is just gorgeous in person. Rich, deep color that captures the classic Fender custom color before time has gotten its way with it and turned it either pink or orange. It feels as if you've time traveled and snagged a guitar from the good folks at the Fender factory! 

Plugged in at rehearsal or stage volume? Stunning. 3-dimensional, nuanced, powerful tones. The tone control works extremely well allowing you to really dial in the guitar to your rig. These are touch sensitive guitars in all the right ways. Don't be mistaken though - you can definitely dig in and it'll reward that style of playing, it's more that you don't have to live in that world to get something great from it (some Tele's just sound better when you hit 'em hard). It'll do soft picking through heavy-handed picking with ease. 

Condition: Near mint, only light signs of prior ownership are present. 

What can we say? We love what Lentz Sr. and Jr. do. It really doesn't get much better than this, folks! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Body: Cabinet aged, lightweight, one piece Ash 

  • Color: Fiesta Red

  • Neck: Uber flame maple (cabinet aged) cap – 9.5 radius – 1.655 at the first fret - .880 at the first fret – Soft V profile

  • Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood

  • Dots: Pearl

  • Frets: 6105

  • Nut: Bone

  • Bridge: Lentz Vintage T style with brass saddles 

  • Pickups: Lentz Vintage Custom: Front, alnico-5 8.00k, Lead, alnico-2 10.12k

  • Pickguard: Lacquered nitrate 

  • Hardware: Lentz / Gotoh

  • Electronics: Matching potentiometers with paper + oil capacitors

  • Case: G&G

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