"I think what sets Lentz guitars apart is my experience with so many guitars over the years. I've refinished hundreds of vintage Strat's and Tele's, not to mention several 50's Les Pauls. What this is has done for me is to give me an ear for certain nuances that I found to be the essence of guitar sounds I like." -Scott LentzS

Scott Lentz Sr. and Jr. are well known for their Strat and Tele style guitars, but players who've ventured off the path have discovered their DL-90 model and minds have been blown. We're very well versed in this model having owned them ourselves for over 5 years...they might just be our favorite guitar from the California-based father/son pair.

Why, you ask?

Tonally, the DL-90 sounds like an incredibly muscular Tele. Sure, the P90s conjure a certain impression of the tone you can expect, but Lentz wind their own pickups so these skew more into Fender territory - think better, fuller mids. What's incredibly cool about this model is how they've wired it - two volumes, one for each pickup, and a master tone. Sounds like standard fare on the surface, but this harness is super dialed in which allows you to leave the 3-way switch in the middle position and seamlessly fade between each pickup, allowing for an extremely wide range of tones. Fat, Strat neck pickup like tones on the neck position, Tele-meets-P90 in the bridge position, and everything in-between.

The DL-90 delivers a mind-blowing experience on all levels - feel (we've discussed that slinky Lentz feel before, it's here in spades), tones, and looks. Speaking of which, astute players will recognize aspects of an SG, Mosrite, and a Fender Duo Sonic in the body shape/guard layout. 

As you can likely tell, we love this guitar / model. It could easily have been discovered in the vault at Fender - a design Leo was working on perhaps? Thankfully for us, the Lentz guys made it so. Price with hardshell case. 


  • Lightweight ash body
  • Color: Sonic Blue      
  • Neck: Rosewood cap neck - soft V to C profile - .880 at the first fret - 1.655 width at the nut - 9.5 radius
  • Fingerboard: Brazilian rosewood
  • Frets: 6105           
  • Hardware: Lentz, Gotoh, Raw Vintage
  • Pickups: dual Lentz Custom L-90 
  • Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone, 3-way switch                
  • Pickguard: 3-ply Parchment Wht/Blk/Wht
  • Bridge: Custom hard-tail
  • Saddles: Raw Vintage 
  • G&G Hardshell case
  • 7lbs 4oz

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