"I think what sets Lentz guitars apart is my experience with so many guitars over the years. I've refinished hundreds of vintage Strat's and Tele's, not to mention several 50's Les Pauls. What this is has done for me is to give me an ear for certain nuances that I found to be the essence of guitar sounds I like." -Scott Lentz

Now this is certainly not a Lentz you're going to find everyday...A 2006 DL-90 with a flamed mahogany top/back veneer over an ash core - with rear loaded controls (normally this model sports a cool pickguard, but with wood this beautiful it would have been a shame to cover it up). Gorgeous, no?

The DL-90 is one of our favorite models from Lentz. Its original design embodies aspects of several guitars we love dearly - a bit like combining elements of a Tele, SG, and Strat. One of the coolest aspects of this model is that you have a volume for each pickup along with a master tone and a 3-way switch. The move is to leave the pickup switch in the middle position and use the two volume knobss to blend each Lentz P90-style pickup (DL-90 stands for "Dual Lentz 90", btw) which yields smooth transitions between the bridge and neck pick, and/or a limitless variety of blended tones. The wiring allows for nearly imperceptible differences between using the volumes to change pickups vs the 3-way. It's very cool to be sure! 

This DL is lightweight, super resonant, and was just Plek'd by the one and only TJ Thompson. The playability is outstanding to say the least, and fans of chunkier necks will love the neck on this one. Lentz guitars are known for their fatter-but-comfortable necks, no doubt a huge reason why their guitars sound so good and are so stable. 

Tones? Outstanding. Cross a Tele with, say, and LP Jr, and you'll get some idea of where this guitar is coming from. These aren't Gibson-style P90s, there's a lot more Fender snap and twang to them. Again, think Tele with a fatter, richer midrange. 

Condition: Very good. Light finish checking on the top and back of the body, a few dings scattered around the body, no wear or dings on the neck. It feels and like a well-loved, well-kept vintage guitar.

This DL-90 is simply an outstanding guitar, and to our knowledge, one-of-a-kind (mahogany veneer and rear-loaded controls). Not to be missed! Priced with original hardshell case. 



  • Body: Swamp ash core with flame mahogany veneer on front and back, cream binding on top

  • Neck: Maple, Indian Rosewood / Cap / 9.5 Radius / 25.5 Scale

  • Neck Profile: 50's style soft-V, 0.940" @ 1st / 1.000" @ 12th

  • Nut: 1.655" / bone nut

  • Frets: 6105

  • Bridge: Hard tail nickel

  • Tuners: Kluson style nickel

  • Pickups: Lentz L-90 Front / Lentz L-90 Bridge

  • Controls: Rear-loaded / 3-Position Toggle / Volume / Volume / Tone

  • Case: Blonde Tolex G&G

  • Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz

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