"I didn't want to make Telecasters or Stratocasters or Les Paul copies, I wanted to do my own thing. Because these are original shapes, I had the flexibility to do anything I wanted." -Saul Koll

Koll guitars come in a range of flavors from classic Gretsch inspired pieces to highly modern works of art (see: RE Archtop). Somewhere in-between these extremes lies this beautiful 2004 Jr. Glide, sent to us by our friend and noted genre-busting guitarist/composer, Henry Kaiser.

While the Jr. Glide model usually finds Saul Koll exploring the simple beauty of golden era Les Paul Jr's and Specials (P90s, slab mahogany bodies, wraptail bridges), his Tornado model is a sleek, modern guitar built for more sonically-adventurous players. The solidbody, all Korina Jr. Glide featured here is a unique instrument in that it's a hybrid between a Jr. Glide and, you guessed it, a Tornado. 

Featuring a contoured body and neck joint, slinder & fast C-shaped neck, Hipshot tremolo, copper pickguard, Glide headstock shape, and TV Jones pickups, this Jr. is a dream for players whose style straddles the line between classic and modern. The tones are muscular yet open and clear, and the overall feel of the guitar is slinky, alive, and resonant. It can be a challenge to capture something so subjective in text form, but we're constantly blown away by just how cool Saul's guitars are. Brilliant and thoughtful design, execution, and build quality coupled with a youthful, fun, rock and roll spirit. What else do ya want, right? 

Condition: Very Good+. The body shows moderate wear via dings and scratches scattered across both the top and back (most prominent on the back), while the neck is smooth with no fret wear. The setup feels great and is dialed in perfectly. 

To be sure, all Koll guitars are unique creations, but few are truly as rare as this 2004 Jr.Glide/Tornado hybrid. Just a fantastic guitar all around and a cool part of Koll's history. Highly recommended! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SERIAL NUMBER: 04188
  • BODY: Korina
  • NECK: Korina, C shape
  • FRETBOARD: Rosewood
  • NUT WIDTH: 1.687" hand-cut unbleached bone
  • TUNERS: Sperzle 
  • SCALE: 24.75"
  • BRIDGE: Hipshot 
  • PICKUPS: TV Jones
  • WEIGHT: 7lbs 15oz
  • STRINGS: 10-46
  • CASE: hardshell

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