Fender CS Masterbuilt D. Galuszka Fat '50s Stratocaster w/Brazilian Neck, Faded Fiesta Red (2018)



Dennis Galuszka is a Fender Master Builder and has built finely crafted guitars for players including Paul McCartney, Andy Summers, Johnny Marr, Sting, among others. "It's all about the feel and sound of an instrument. Those things are number one with me, above everything else." 

This Fat '50s Strat features an alder body, Faded Fiesta Red Journeyman-level relic'd finish, Brazilian Rosewood neck and fingerboard, 7 1/4" - 9 1/2" radius, and several upgrades done by the previous owner. The upgrades include a Callaham bridge and '64 tremolo bar, Callaham aged parchment guard & back plate, pots/wires, and Throbak '63 MXV pickups. 

One strum on this gorgeous Masterbuilt Fat '50s Strat and we were hooked (well, you had us at Faded Fiesta Red, truthfully. We're Landau fans, what can we say?). What an incredibly resonant, alive instrument. Snappy, slinky feeling, and the compound radius is fantastic. The rounder 7 1/4" radius is awesome for chord work on the lower part of the neck (near the nut) and the flatter 9 1/2" radius is perfect for bends and lead work up high. Best of both worlds - vintage feel, modern performance. 

The Throbak '63 pickups sound amazing (this was our first experience with them). Paired with the Alder body and Brazilian neck, they're punchy with the perfect amount of snap, top-end, and compression. Positions 2&4 don't get overly mushy or compressed, and the bridge position has an almost Tele-like bite. The neck position delvers quintessential hollow, round tones - classic SRV, etc...

Condition: Like new save for a tiny bit of very minor fret wear on frets 1-3, G & B strings only. Keep in mind, this is a relic'd guitar and came from Fender with wear. 

This is a remarkable Strat any way you slice it - looks, tones, feel....highly recommend checking it out if you're in the market for an exceptional Stratocaster. Priced with hardshell case and COA. 


  • Alder Body w/57 Style Deep Body Contours 
  • Light Journeyman Relic, Faded Fiesta Red
  • Brazilian Rosewood neck and fingerboard 
  • 57 Soft V carve, .850" @ 1st - .990" @ 12th
  • 7 1/4" - 9 1/2" Compound Radius 
  • Bone nut, 1.65"
  • 21 Frets, Jescar FW50085 wire
  • Replaced Parts: Callaham Aged Parchment guard and back plate, Callaham CTS pots, vintage wire, and 5-way switch, trem block w/'64 trem bar (aged Fender saddles and bridge plate are original to the guitar), Throbak '63 MXV pickups 
  • Custom Shop Case w/build sheet and COA 
  • CZ538194
  • 7lbs 7oz

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