"Originally my work was design, modification, repair, and custom building. I guess you would say the objectives were durability, performance, and tone." - Leo Fender

We are very excited to welcome the Fender Custom Shop to The Music Emporium! Our goal with these builds was to, in essence, retell the Fender story while also tipping our hat to the players who made them famous. Each mark, ding, or worn spot telling a story of countless hours on the road or in the studio. There's a magic to that idea that we can't help but be inspired by, and as we all know, Leo and crew got it right from the start. Why mess with a great thing?

For our money, Telecasters don't get much cooler looking than a Tele Custom. Featuring a 2-piece, double-bound Alder body, 3-Tone Sunburst, rift sawn maple neck with a round laminate rosewood fretboard & clay dots, 60's Oval C neck (.82"-.89"), and Custom Shop '63 pickups, this guitar just feels and sounds right.

This Tele Custom has all the classic Tele twang and bite you could ask for, though it's a bit warmer and fatter - almost P90 like - than some Teles. The vintage style wiring also yields a more open tone w/a heavily filtered neck tone - perfect for 60's fuzzed-out excursions (the 3 way yields bridge, neck, and neck w/capacitor options, btw).

Like all the guitars we've gotten from the Custom Shop, this '63 Tele Custom is very loud acoustically, lively, snappy, has tons of sustain...Fender nailed all the details and the results are simply phenomenal. Priced with hardshell case. 


  • 3-Tone Sunburst, Journeyman Relic 
  • 2-piece Alder body, sorted for light weight
  • Maple neck, rift sawn
  • AAA Rosewood fingerboard, round laminate 
  • 60's Oval C neck carve (.82"-.89")
  • 1.65" nut width
  • 7.25-9.5" compound radius 
  • Clay dots
  • 6105 Frets, 21
  • Mint Green pickguard 
  • '63 Tele Custom Shop pickups 
  • Vintage Tele wiring 
  • 10-46 Strings 
  • Fender Hardshell Case
  • SN R101201
  • 7lbs 13oz

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