We're totally knocked out by the quality, feel, vibe, and tones of this 2018 Closet Classic 61 Jazzmaster! Top-notch in every regard, this Custom Shop guitar rivals any of the lauded boutique/relic builders we've played (Danocaster, Underwood, etc...). The shape of the neck feels great - classic early 60's C with just the right amount of girth. The setup is's lightweight...simply put, it just feels, plays, and looks right.

Plugged in? Grab the nearest Fender amp, crank the reverb, grab the whammy bar, and go! Gorgeous Strat-on-steroids through Nels Cline / Thurston Moore feedback madness are on tap. Some Jazzmasters can leave you cold just because they can feel a little awkward if you're used to only playing the holy trinity - Tele's, Strats, and Les Pauls - but not so with this '61 Jazzmaster. 

Condition: Like new (keep in mind it is a relic).

As you can tell, we're big fans of this beauty. A stellar example of just how good the classic, often misunderstood Jazzmaster can be. Check it out, you won't regret it! Priced with hardshell case, certificate, and case candy. 


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