We're loving the Gretsch-meets-Tele vibe of this like-new 2017 Caballo Ligero Telecaster from Fender's Artisan Series! There are so many cool design touches on this guitar - it's obvious that the Custom Shop builders were allowed to run with their "what if?" tendencies and just create.

Note the way the tuner buttons match the fingerboard dots and bridge pickup cover, the compensated and rounded "bullet" shaped bridge saddles, old-school/almost horseshoe shaped bridge plate, anodized guard, reverse control plate...too cool, right? This definitely doesn't strike us as a quick, let's just get it out there guitar. A lot of thought and intention went into this guitar. 

Okay, okay. It looks amazing, there are some cool design is it? Is it a great guitar? Most definitely. This is a killer Thinline Tele looks aside. Highlights for us are the neck carve and the tones you can pull from this guitar. The '63 Strat C shape is one of the better carves we've felt on a new Fender in a long time. Perfectly chunky (but not overly so) and tapered (.83"-1"). The AAA Birdseye maple coupled with the rosewood board look amazing and conjure up a bit of the old Bigsby guitar magic. 

The TV Jones neck pickup sounds incredible - slightly hot, open, great sparkle - and the '51 Nocaster bridge pickup delivers slightly hotter (to our ears at least) twang and muscle. Combined? Amazing. The mix of hotter output and chime allow you to dial back how hard you need to hit the strings - you can let the amp do some of the work for you (something we really love). To be sure, when you want to dig in and hit it a little harder, it'll go there with you, driving your amp into a really sweet edge of breakup tone. 

Condition: Like new. 

Fender's Custom Shop has always made drool-worthy guitars but it seems like they've really ratcheted things up in the last few years (hiring Ron Thorn, etc..). This like-new 2017 Artisan Caballo Ligero Tele stands as proof that the legendary creative spirit that made the Custom Shop special from day one is alive and well today. Priced with hard-shell case and case candy.


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