Ellis F5 Reserve w/ Torch & Wire Inlay and Engraved Tailpiece



We're excited to offer this heirloom-quality F5 mandolin from the workshop of Tom Ellis--our first to feature his newly-available hand-inlaid tuner buttons. Cosmetics aside, an Ellis F5 Reserve offers the sort of tonal sophistication and workmanship a discerning player demands. Many great-looking mandolins built with quilted maple will hypnotize onlookers with the three-dimensional nature of the wood's figure ... but they sound a little timid. Not this one! Depth of tone, harmonic richness, sustain, power and pop--not only will this instrument record like a dream, it'll more than hold its own in a loud bluegrass jam. As for its looks? Well ... we're inclined to say there isn't a more finely built mandolin out there. From the picture-perfect tones of its sunburst, to the artistry of the inlay work, to Weldon Lister's engraving work on the tailpiece ... "flawless" just about sums it up. Have a look through our photo gallery for some detailed shots of the aforementioned tuner buttons, and give us a call if you'd like an in-hand description. Priced with new Calton Case.

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  • Private stock quilted maple body
  • Red Spruce top
  • Varnish finish
  • Tortoise binding
  • EVO frets
  • Ebony bridge and fingerboard
  • Torch and Wire Inlay motif
  • James Tailpiece, engraved by Weldon Lister
  • Inlaid Ebony buttons on Waverly Tuners
  • Calton Case 

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