Fender Player Series Mustang Bass Starter Pack, Aged Natural



We've long wanted to put our own version of an electric starter pack together, something like a rock n roll survival kit, for players just starting out. Our objective was to put together a set of quality, versatile gear which includes everything an electric player needs to get up and rocking in no time. 

Please contact us for shipping details.  


  • One Fender Player Series Mustang Bass w/a Fender Gig Bag. These are fantastic basses that combine classic looks and tones with higher-quality craftsmanship than you'll find in your typical starter pack instrument.
  • One Fender Rumble 40 amp. These are really fun, portable amps that offer players great tones that are perfect for home playing/practicing and jamming with buddies are reasonable volume levels. 
  • One Fender 2" monogrammed strap. A classic look dating back decades, perfect for when you want to play standing up or even seated for extra support. Please note: colors may vary from our stock picture. 
  • One 10ft Fender Professional Series cable. What's an electric bass and amp without something to connect the two?
  • One Snark HZ clip-on tuner. These are the tuners we use in our showroom. Simple, accurate, and durable. Done!
  • K&M Heli stand. When it's time for a break, this is a much better option than propping your bass against the couch. We love these stands and use them in our showroom. 

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