"Originally my work was design, modification, repair, and custom building. I guess you would say the objectives were durability, performance, and tone." - Leo Fender

We are very excited to welcome the Fender Custom Shop to The Music Emporium! Many of us started our guitar playing journey on Fender guitars - and we certainly noticed all of our idols playing them - so to be able to work with the Dream Factory in CA and spec out our perfect Fender guitars? A dream come true to be sure. 

This Limited Edition '50s Telecaster is perfect for players seeking who want a slightly modernized, vintage inspired Telecaster. Looks and vibe wise? Vintage all the way. Under the hood? A touch more modern in subtle but meaningful ways. The most obvious mod that's been done is the addition of a Duncan Seth Lover humbucker in the neck position (a la Keef). Leave it to the talented folks at the Fender Custom Shop to maximize the setup between the neck hum and the bridge single via dual stack pots (500K and 200K) - meaning - both pickups will sound their best as hums and singles work best with different value pots. Very clever, effective, and just plain cool! 

A 9.5" radius and 6105 frets ensure the overall feel and playability are a breeze, while the '50s Soft V carve is appropriately chunky (read: not a baseball bat). Like a great Tele should, this Tele is snappy, acoustically loud, and has great sustain. It sounds fantastic plugged in, and the addition of the humbucker in the neck position let's you either crank Stones riffs, or dip into jazzier chordal or lead work with ease. 

Another reminder of just how versatile and musical a great Tele can be. Fender Custom Shop for the win! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Butterscotch, Closet Classic
  • 2-piece Ash body, sorted for light weight
  • Maple neck, quarter sawn
  • '50's Soft V neck carve (.88"-.98")
  • 1.65" nut width, bone
  • 9.5" radius 
  • Black dots, narrow spacing 
  • 6105 Frets, 21
  • '50/'51 bridge pickup, Duncan Seth Lover humbucker neck pickup 
  • Dual Stack HS Tele wiring 
  • 10-46 Strings 
  • Fender Hardshell Case
  • SN R100627
  • 7lbs 9oz

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