Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Amber Burst (USED,2006)



Sadowsky Archtops have quickly become the preferred instruments of gigging Jazz guitarists. They offer the high quality fit and finish and even response of carved top instruments, but with the reduced feedback risk and durability that only a laminate instrument can provide.

This used 2006 Jimmy Bruno model is no exception. Slightly smaller than the equally popular Jim Hall Model, the Bruno model offers the ergonomic comfort of a smaller box along with further decreasing feedback possibilities. But this doesn't sound like a smaller guitar, as it still responds like a the big jazz hollow-body that is. 

The condition on this one excellent with nary a scratch on it.

14-3/4” body width at the lower bout
2-3/4” body thickness
1-11/16” nut width
Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard
24-3/4” scale, 22 frets, 15 frets to the body
Ebony bridge, tailpiece and pickguard


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