"Originally my work was design, modification, repair, and custom building. I guess you would say the objectives were durability, performance, and tone." - Leo Fender

Many a Fender fan will tell you - the Eric Johnson Strat is easily the best guitar Fender makes outside of the Custom Shop. How could it not be with Eric driving the design, right? Well, they're back at it...Fender has again partnered with Eric to launch a limited run of Stratocasters based on his legendary '54 "Virginia" Strat. 

From Fender:

Eric Johnson already had his 1954 "Virginia" Stratocaster® when he recorded Tones* and the Platinum Ah Via Musicom**, groundbreaking albums that made him a hero to music fans and guitarists alike. To this day, Eric continues to release brilliant music, tour constantly and is, to the electric guitar community, a savant and widely followed tastemaker. In 2020, for the first time, Eric's 1954 Virginia Stratocaster will be replicated by both Fender Custom Shop and the Fender Corona Production line in limited numbers. With its rare rift/quartersawn sassafras body, lacquer finish, custom wiring and more, the Eric Johnson 1954 Virginia Stratocaster will thrill players and collectors alike with its distinctive look and exceptional tone.

Be sure to check out the attached video to watch/hear Eric take you through the guitar - who best to hear it from, no? 

Fender and Eric have knocked it out of the park yet again with the release of the '54 Virginia Strat. This is an incredibly cool, easy to play, killer sounding guitar, period.


  • 2-Piece offset Sassafras body
  • 1-Piece Quartersawn Soft “V” Maple neck and maple fingerboard
  • DiMarzio HS-2 pickup (Only Top-Coil Active) bridge, Original ‘57/’62 Single-Coil Strat pickups middle and neck 
  • 6-Saddle American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo bridge with Graph Tech High-E Saddle
  • Custom Eric Johnson Graphic Neck Plate 
  • Masking Tape with Final Assembler’s Initials and Date Completed Inside Cavity
  • Hard shell case w/Certificate of Authenticity

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