This unique, early '90s Stratocaster was part of an art show produced by famed California-based artist, Pamelina H. The show was a collaboration between Pamelina and Fender Masterbuilders, in this case J.W. Black, with the goal of creating a series of unique, California-themed instruments.J.W informed us that this is an early 90's blonde Custom Shop guitar that was repurposed / used for Pamelina's project.

It's a beautiful guitar that plays and sounds fantastic - no surprises here given who built it. The maple neck, inlayed with turquoise dots, is a really comfortable playing medium C shape. Combined with a beautifully figured Ash body, this guitar is incredibly resonant and lively. There's a nice snap and open quality to the tone both acoustically and plugged in. 

Regarding the artwork, which was created in 2010...this is from Pamelina's site:

"Pamelina and J.W. Black add more to their storied history with this special Fender Custom Shop instrument. The Chumash were indigenous to California. Pamelina used transparent paints to do this portrait and allow the beautiful natural wood grain to show through. The pickguard was painted in the dot style of Chumash artwork."

Condition: Near mint. Very little signs of prior ownership. 

Anyone looking for a unique Custom Shop Strat would be wise to check this beauty out. It's a fantastic guitar in and of itself, but Pamelina's artwork makes it a far more collectable instrument. Priced with hardshell case.  


  • 7lbs 7oz
  • SN: PH2001-2

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