"Originally my work was design, modification, repair, and custom building. I guess you would say the objectives were durability, performance, and tone." - Leo Fender

The Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster has been a flagship model for the Fender Custom Shop since its launch in 1988. Now it's getting the full Custom Shop treatment via a Journeyman Relic, Vintage Noiseless pickups, and of course, the TBX tone control and mid-booster kit.

Everything we love about a Clapton Signature is here - great tones, comfy neck - but there's a big difference between the standard model and this one. It now it feels quite a bit more like a vintage guitar thanks to the expertly executed Journeyman Relic. The Soft V carved maple neck is slightly worn and ultra comfortable - to our hands, it feels a bit more vintage-accurate and less "sharp" than the standard Clapton Strats. The 2-piece Alder body shows realistic wear, giving off the vibe that this beauty has seen countless hours on the stage and in the studio. It's a very cool effect and makes this Strat feel immediately comfortable and broken in like a great vintage guitar. 

Tones? Stellar. The Vintage Noiseless pickups deliver classic Strat cluck and chime just sans the noise and with a fatter overall tone. Mix in the TBX tone control and mid-boost circuit and you can dial this guitar in to pretty much any rig you plug it into. It's akin to having the pushed midrange and gain boost of a Tube Screamer built right in with the ability for you to mix in however much of this effect you want to hear. It's a Clapton default it's gotta be pretty great, right? 

We're loving how the well-executed relic job makes this classic signature Strat feel like a well-worn, well-loved vintage piece. Check it out! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • 2-Tone Sunburst, Journeyman Relic
  • 2-piece Alder body
  • Maple neck, rift sawn
  • Soft V neck carve
  • 1.65" nut width, bone
  • 9.5" radius 
  • Black fingerboard dots
  • Vintage Style Frets, 22
  • 1-ply Eggshell Pickguard and Knobs
  • Vintage Noiseless pickups
  • 5-position switch; Master Volume, TBX Tone Control, Mid-boost Kit
  • 10-46 Strings 
  • Fender Hardshell Case
  • SN CZ545891
  • 7lbs 12oz

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