The Duo-Tone Stratocaster from Fender's Custom Shop was a run of guitars produced in the early 2010's based off of an interesting idea - what if a Strat body was made using both kinds of wood Fender is famous for using: country and, uh...sorry, wrong movie. Ash and Alder?

In the case of our 2012 relic'd sunburst Duo-Tone, the three piece body is comprised of two pieces of Alder (outside pieces) and a piece of Ash (center piece). The open, airy, sweet top end of Ash melds perfectly with Alder's richer midrange punch, and the results are definitely palpable (many a customer has fallen in love with this guitar in our showroom). In addition to this "blended tone", this guitar's overall vibe is snappy, slinky, and acoustically loud with all the sustain you'd expect from a great Strat. The neck has a really nice soft V and feels worn smooth as if played for decades and decades.

Condition: Well, it's a relic. There's a bit of fret wear (it's light) and some additional pick marks north of the pickguard on the top a la SRV. See pics. 

Fender really did a great job relic'ing this guitar. Looks aside, it just feels great to play. Simply a great Strat, period! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • CZ520481
  • 7lbs 7oz

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