New Jersey-based Tyler Amp Works is a father/son outfit making some very high quality amps that have caught the attention of many a session player in Nashville, as well as names like Jackson Browne, Kings of Leon, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mutemath, Phil Keaggy, and dozens of others. 

The 2020 is basically a modded 5e3 (Tweed Deluxe) circuit which utilizes a 5AR4 rectifier tuber for higher headroom and cleaner tones. Both volumes are wired to interact with one another, allowing one to get a wide range of tones and gain levels. Rounding out the package are a 12" Eminence Texas Heat speaker, a pine cabinet, and a killer looking Vox-inspired fawn tolex and diamond cloth. 

Being a pine cabinet, the 2020 is a highly portable, lightweight amp that is loud for its size and weight - which is an obvious boon to gigging players. Think Deluxe Reverb in terms of volume and you'll be in the wheelhouse. 

Tonally, this amp - to our ears, it should be stressed - straddles the line between a Tweed Deluxe and, say, and AC15 when you crank the volume and/or hit it with hotter pickups (humbuckers or P90s). It's a glorious breakup too, btw. Taut bass, punchy mids, and just jaw-dropping top-end chime. If you like Vox chime in any way shape or form, you'll love where the 2020 is coming from (we do to be sure). 

Condition: Excellent. Very little signs of prior ownership. 

A few of us here have been quite tempted to snag this little tone machine for ourselves, truth be told! A super cool blend of looks, features, size, and tones. Highly recommended! 


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