Steve Grimes Bluesette (2010)

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Since the 1970s, famed luthier Steve Grimes has combined his two loves - woodworking and guitar playing - which has resulted in some absolutely stellar instruments. This excellent condition 2010 "Bluesette" model is an fantastic example of what makes his work so special - lively, highly resonant, gorgeous acoustic voice, effortless playability...there's a lot to love here to be sure. 

The Bluesette features a beautifully flamed maple body and aged Sitka Spruce top. At 18" across at its widest point and 3" deep, it's a larger bodied instrument, but ultimately quite comfortable. The sonic benefits are obvious from the first few notes. Huge projection, tons of volume, and a beautifully balanced / papery-mids voice overall - we're loving just sitting with it and haven't even plugged in yet! It's really rewarding and inspiring to play. 

The 25 1/2" scale adds a beautiful snappiness to single line runs, and a bit of extra clarity to dense chord voicings. This carries over beautifully when you plug in, and the 1 3/4" nut width feels quite comfortable paired with medium carve. There's a Jim Hall-like quality to the Bluesette when plugged in. Fat, round, warm...yet there's a gorgeous acoustic-like top end present at all times. If it's been awhile since you checked out Jim's playing, or you're new to it altogether, check it out a) for some inspiration and b) to get a sense of where this Grimes is coming from. It's in the ballpark tonally. 

Condition: Very good. Light surface marks and minor indentations (size of a pin head) scattered around the body - they're quite minor and aren't immediately noticeable given the figure in the wood and color. Minor fret wear, though tons of life left. 

Longtime archtop players looking for a lighter build guitar, or anyone who's been curious about picking up an archtop, will find a lot to love about this gorgeous Grimes Bluesette. Archtops aren't inexpensive instruments - to get one of this quality and not have it be 3 times the price? Not an opportunity that comes along often!

Priced with Calton Case.


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