If you're searching for a distinctive OM that breaks away from the traditional tone woods, and offers something new and surprising, this Santa Cruz OM in Redwood and Walnut provides just that. This is a guitar built for the solo fingerstylist who wants warmth, stronger mid's, nothing overly dark in the bass, and with some woodiness and a mild sparkle in the upper registers. Alternate tunings are exceptionally delightful on this guitar. Overplayed with too aggressive an attack,  this OM will compress, but played with finesse and and delicate control, watch out! In the hands of a lesser luthier, it's just eye candy but Santa Cruz knows how to graduate and voice these redwood tops to get the most they have to offer. This is a stunning guitar that satisfies both the eyes and the ears. Condition is exceptional. 


  • Redwood top
  • Walnut back and sides
  • 1 3/4" nut
  • 25.4" Scale

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