As Richard Hoover puts it, the Santa Cruz F Model's intent is versatility. Whether playing with picks or nails, from subtle to bold, the F delivers full dynamics while maintaining control and minimizing roominess. Unlike the dreadnought, It's a full-bodied guitar that is also comfortable to hold. For those familiar with the extremely accomplished luthier, Jeff Traugott, you may see from where he took his inspiration (trivia: Jeff cut his guitar-building teeth at Santa Cruz Guitars). The F is often overlooked among finger style players who concentrate on much smaller guitar for balance and clarity. The F is surprising in its ability to provide that same balance but satisfy every player's longing for more bottom without overpowering. This particular F features a stunning [iece of "Mystic" East Indian rosewood and a master grade Adirondack top finished in a lovely 'buttered toast sunburst.Condition is excellent.



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