Rich Robinson's Gibson ES-335 (1967)

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We're lucky folks here at TME, no question. We have some remarkable gear pass through our shop on a regular basis and are definitely in danger of being spoiled. Sometimes though, we have something truly one-of-a-kind to offer. No question, this 1967 Gibson ES-335, formally owned by Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes fame, is one of those special instruments.

For all intents and purposes, this is simply a very good mid-60s ES-335....until you plug it in. Man oh man, the bridge pickup on this guitar is remarkable. We had this beauty into a mid-60s Princeton, a Jetter DTMA pedal, of course we also tuned to open G...played some riffs.....smiles, giggles, joyous laughter erupted. Playing The Black Crowes' "Remedy" - it's that sound, period. Rock n Roll kids, the way nature intended.

Just staggering how great this guitar sounds. There are some moments that playing a particular rig will give you goosebumps - the first time you played a 50 or 100 watt Marshall into a 4x12 cabinet, your first pre-war Martin, etc...this guitar did that for us. 

Comes with a road case and magazine article/retrospective of Rich's guitars, of course featuring this one. 

This is a remarkably great sounding ES-335 that no doubt saw plenty of playtime in the Crowes. We definitely enjoyed the few minutes we spent with it. Check it out! 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • 1 9/16" nut width
  • 24 3/4" scale length
  • Mild fret wear
  • Appears to be all-original 
  • 8 lbs
  • Roadcase
  • SN 054464

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