We've been big fans of New Zealand-based Red Witch Pedals for years and are thrilled to have this mind-bending Titan Triple Delay in the shop! 

The analog-voiced Titan can be used to create simple repeats or it can dial up gorgeous, intricate cathedral-like reverberations. It provides three 1200 millisecond delays that you can use in either series or parallel mode via the flick of a switch. Not enough options for you? There's also an effects loop (that's only applied to the first delay) which allows you to really open up the options (chorus, octave, and fuzz pedals have proven quite fun!). 

While there's a lot under the hood here, it's really easy and intuitive to use. No menus, no scrolling, just old-school knob twisting. Nice! 

Condition: Very good with only minor signs of prior ownership (including velcro on the back). Works as it should. 



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