Red Diamond F5 July 9th “Roasted” (2015)

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It's always great to have one of Don MacRostie's Red Diamond mandolins in the house: in the world of modern Loar replicas, it simply doesn't get any better. This pre-owned July 9th 1923 model is one of Mr. MacRostie's "Roasted" mandolins, featuring completely torrefied tonewoods (top, body, neck, fretboard and bridge). Overall condition is near mint ~ it's been played a few times, but likely looks exactly the way it did when it was strung up for the first time. The thin varnish finish does show a few pinhead sized markings, but again, they're likely just byproducts of the way the instrument is constructed. The serial number is 269, which the Red Diamond website incorrectly lists as an A model. 

The sound of this mandolin is extraordinary. This is a pure bluegrass player's dream instrument, with a liveliness of response and volume you won't find in anything else. The high end has the screaming, wide open bell like sound you'd expect from a Loar-signed F5, and the middle strings have a deep, woody resonance that makes playing melodies down an octave a delight. Incredible power, projection and depth of tone from what's essentially a new instrument. Priced with Texas-made Calton Case. On consignment -- no trades.

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  • Torrefied Red Spruce top
  • Torrefied Maple body & neck
  • Torrefied ebony bridge & fingerboard
  • Hide Glue
  • Radiused fingerboard
  • Pearl nut
  • Waverly tuners

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