Red Diamond July 9th F Model (2017)

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Luthier Don Macrostie's (the man behind the Red Diamond shingle) reverence for the heralded Lloyd-Loar signed F5 mandolins is evident in every inch of this powerhouse mandolin. Instrument aficionados love to dissect every part of an F5's construction (these may be the most challenging fretted instruments to build--period); and while looking over the surfaces, bindings, etc., of a Red Diamond may not dazzle you the way it would with, say, a Heiden or an Ellis, the vibe and intent are crystal clear. No one is making a more accurate Loar replica than Macrostie is; and you can't argue with the amazing, wide-open sound he achieves on a consistent basis either. This mandolin (serial 276) is about a year and a half old. And while it's been lightly played, it remains in essentially as-new condition (a clip-on tuner has left a small indent on the peghead's finish). The specs are much the same as you'll find on most "July 9th" F models -- i.e. those inspired and templated from one of the legendary Loar F5s dated July 9th, 1923. Top voicing to July 9th specs, hard curly maple back, hand-rubbed varnish finish, EVO frets, Waverly Tuners ... and this one features a radiused fingerboard. We alluded to it, but it bears repeating: this is an extraordinary-sounding mandolin if you're in the bluegrass realm. Sensational volume and openness, with a dry, woody "pop" that cuts through whether you're playing it percussively or during a break. Singing high end, and a lighting fast response. If you're looking for a Loar-style mandolin for bluegrass -- look no further. Priced with Bobelock hard case. 


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