"I've always made things. I can't remember a time when I didn't. I've worked as a saddlemaker, carpenter, joiner, aircraft toolmaker, racing motorcycle chassis maker, racing motorcycle engine builder and tuner, guitar repairer and maker. I've also always played guitar which led to several years working for one of London's leading repair shops. Spending time with vintage instruments and their unique and quirky nature, like the motorcycles of the same era, has been a source of inspiration for my own designs." -Damian Probett

**Apologies in advance for posting a Probett that has already sold (was claimed before it arrived). We see so few guitars from the brilliant, UK-based Damian Probett that when one passes through the shop we have to show it off!

The Rocket III is a deceptively sophisticated design. Session ace Matte Henderson helped bring the Rocket's concept into the world, originally as a bolt-neck guitar, and Damien brought it into the set-neck world. Love Strats, Teles, and LPs but can't decide which to get? Enter the Rocket. 

The top half of the Rocket's body is all Strat - the bottom half of the body is all Tele (with a few tweaks). Meaning, contours for the top half of the body and no contours for the bottom half (comfort while standing or while seated). Best of both worlds! Add to this recipe some very Gibson-like features - set neck, neck carve, scale length, pitched headstock - and you've got one hell of a cool, versatile, tone-filled guitar that is incredibly addictive. You did notice the headstock, yes? One of the coolest headstock designs we've seen!

The build quality is extraordinary. Every aspect of the build, down to the subtlest of details, is spot on. Tonally, this is a huge sounding guitar that will easily make your LP or Strat nervous about the chopping block.

We can't say enough about Damian's guitars - don't mean to gush, but they're simply that good. Not to be missed if you're in any way, shape, or form a fan of the classic electric designs. Priced with original Hiscox hardshell case. 


  • Old Blonde, nitro
  • One piece Limba body 
  • One piece Honduran mahogany neck 
  • Amazon rosewood fingerboard
  • 12" radius
  • 24.625" scale length
  • Single ply Royalite fingerboard binding
  • Clay dots
  • Black Step headstock 
  • .885"-.965" soft v neck carve
  • Jescar 55090 fret wire
  • 1.7" unbleached bone nut
  • 2 Post Mann Vibrato 
  • Gotoh Locking Kluson style tuners
  • Tele control plate - 3-way switch, 1 volume, 1 tone
  • Single ply parchment guard 
  • Humbucker bridge, humbucker sized P90 neck pickup
  • Tele knobs
  • Hiscox case
  • SN: 331829

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