We're thrilled to have recently taken in a batch of used Pete Cornish pedals!

For those new to this legendary effects wizard, let's just say Pete is the man all the pros turn to. We don't mean said pros pose in magazine ads holding his pedals and that's that, Pete designs and builds the touring pedalboards for...ready for it? Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Robert Fripp, Steve Hacket, Andy Summers, Chrissie Hynde, Robbie McIntosh, Tony goes on and on. You get the idea. These are serious, pro-level pedals. 

The ST-2 is quite possibly the ultimate "always on" pedal. Think of it more as a EQ/tone shaping pedal that makes your rig just sound better. It excels at fine-tuning your tone and the overall EQ response of any other pedals you have on your board. Though we only tried it out with electrics, we have a sneaking feeling this would even work amazing well with acoustic instruments. Here's the official description from Pete's website:

"Originally designed for inclusion in the range of effects boards created for Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, the ST-2 has a long history of preference by professional rock musicians as a vital part of their custom built Cornish effects pedalboards and rack systems. 

The ST-2 features a superior RFI rejecting input and bypass buffer stage feeding a discrete Class A transistor multi-stage amplifier that has the carefully controlled gain structure with added adjustable Gain and Tone correct circuitry needs by today's active rock musicians. The ST-2 has wide range gain, treble, bass, and volume."

We don't know exactly what kind of magic dust Pete puts in his pedals, but we're sold. Looking for the best of the best? Give this a shot, you won't be disappointed. 

**Pedal only, no box or literature. 



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