Fellow pedal junkies will likely recognize the NOC3 Pure Drive - it gets great reviews online and is lauded for its ability to blend a killer sounding Tube Screamer-like overdrive with a clean boost circuit that runs in parallel to the OD circuit. 

Translated, this means you can dial in just about an overdrive sound you want (assuming you're into Tube Screamer-like pedals, albeit one that has a far greater gain range than your standard TS). Just a touch of break-up with your clean signal as the primary sound all the way through full saturation...all are accessible via the "Blend" knob. It's a really cool design that is also featured on the often modified VooDoo Labs Sparkle Drive. The Pure Drive gets you all those tones, and a better OD circuit to our ears, without the need to have your pedal mod'd - yes please! 

Condition: Near mint cosmetically (a few light signs of prior use but they're very minimal), no issues functionally, no box (just the pedal). 

If you're looking to clean up your overdriven tones or have always wished your OD's had a bit more clarity, the Pure Drive is right up your alley. A killer pedal that is deserving of its reputation! 



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