We're absolutely in love with this consigned, 2014 Nash T-63! The perfect amount of aging, a killer neck, and gorgeous tones - what's not to love? 

All the Nash guitars we've experienced have a few things in common - they're highly resonant, have great setups, are snappy, slinky, and alive, and possess that hard-to-pinpoint vibe. Simply put, and we've heard several customers say this in the shop, you just don't want to put them down. It's an addictive guitar to play and just feels great in-hand.

The Lollar pickups have a roundness to them we're really digging. While this T can twang with the best of them, it does so with a very broken-in sounding, rounded top-end. Mildly compressed, sweet top end, gorgeous cleans or overdriven tones, we never had the overly bright, "icepick in the ear" experience some T's are fraught with. 

There's the faintest amount of fret wear (very minor), otherwise, it's as it was when it left Bill's shop (hard to call a relic mint, no?). 

Looking for a new Tele with the feel and personality of a well-loved, well-played vintage guitar with the benefits of modern construction? Time to hit the 'add to cart' button! Priced with original hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please.



  • SN: HMB 78
  • 7lbs 3oz

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