**We'd set this aside for a customer but circumstances changed and it is again for sale...

This 2013 Bill Nash T-52 Telecaster has been getting a lot of attention in the shop! Before Danocaster, Kelton Swade, K-Line guitars, etc...there was Bill Nash. Bill made waves in the early 2000s for his aged F-style guitars when the only other option for such a guitar would have come from the Fender Custom Shop.

So, relic'd guitars. Nothing starts a guitar nerd fight faster. Some players get it, some don't and we totally understand that. The overarching idea is to capture the vibe of a vintage guitar without having to take out a second mortgage on the house to acquire it. Love or hate the look, one thing you can't argue with after spending a few minutes with this beauty is how good this guitar feels and sounds (for those keeping score at home, we like relics here at TME)! 

The neck on this Tele is incredible. The worn finish feels like a well broken-in guitar and creates an immediately inviting playing experience. It's slightly chunky carve is the perfect "just right" size that we feel almost any player would love (more 60s Fender than 50s).

The setup on this guitar is spot on - nice low action, slinky'll be doing Jimmy Bryant double-stop bends in no time flat! The playability is excellent. 

The Lollar single coil pickups sound phenomenal. Twangy, snappy, but not overly raw sounding like some Teles get into. There's a warmth and compression with these that we really love. Don't get us wrong, you can twang on this guitar with the best of them, but it never dips into shrill / ice-pick high end territory.

If you're looking to buy your first Tele or one you can feel okay taking to your rowdier gigs, this is your guitar. Simply a phenomenal Tele no matter how you slice it! Priced with hardshell case.  



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