Before Danocaster, Kelton Swade, K-Line guitars, etc...there was Bill Nash. Bill made waves in the early 2000s for his aged F-style guitars when the only other option for such a guitar would have come from the Fender Custom Shop. This limited production E-52 Esquire is relic'd in the style of Jeff Beck's iconic Esquire, and who doesn't love that?? 

Don't let the single pickup setup give you the impression this is a one-trick guitar. The Duncan Vintage Stack single coil pickup sounds phenomenal and has a tone of range. Twangy, snappy, but not overly raw sounding like some Teles get into - and - zero noise. There's a warmth and compression with these that we really love. Don't get us wrong, you can twang on this guitar with the best of them, but it never dips into shrill / ice-pick high end territory. It's actually a surprisingly versatile setup between the 3-way (standard - which uses both volume and tone controls; one true bypass mode for maximum bite and twang; one "choke mode" for a mid-boosted tone) and push/pull volume knob (splits stacked pickup). 

The setup on this guitar is spot on - nice low action, slinky'll be doing your best Beck licks in no time flat! The playability is excellent and while this neck sports a "boat neck" carve, it's shaped in such a way as to be super comfortable. Chunky, but without a ton of excess shoulder - a slight V actually - that just feels awesome coupled with the barely there finish. 

Condition: Like new, no fret wear. 

If you're a huge Beck fan, or maybe you're looking for a vintage-style Tele you can feel okay taking to your rowdier gigs, this is your guitar. Simply a phenomenal Tele no matter how you slice it! Priced with hardshell case.


  • Ash body
  • One piece maple neck & fingerboard, rolled fingerboard edges
  • Single adjustment truss rod w/heel adjustment
  • 6105 frets, 21
  • Tusq nut, 1 5/8"
  • Boat neck shape
  • 10" radius
  • Vintage 3 brass compensated saddles
  • Vintage correct Tele headstock
  • Gotoh vintage tuners
  • 1 ply black pickguard
  • Volume (push/pull), Tone, 3-way Selector 
  • Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack pickup
  • Nitro finish
  • Nash Gator Hardshell Case
  • HBM478
  • 7lbs

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