We are excited to host our first new instrument by Luthier Andrew Mowry. Over the past year we have come into contact with a couple of his instruments and were so blown away we had to reach out and ask him to build one for the store! The details on this Mandolin are sleek and the fit and finish are flawless. Upon close examination, Andrews subtle creativity pops through in features like the custom bridge, the beautiful flower headstock inlay, and the rich reddish burst. The sound is perfectly balanced from low to high and each note sings long after the pick has left the string (even in the stratosphere register). Warm enough for classical and jazz, and loud enough to hold its own in an ensemble, this Mando is ready to take on any musical situation one could think of. Priced with a TKL hard case. 



  • red (Adirondack) spruce
  • red maple
  • Rubner tuners
  • 1 1/8” nut
  • 12” radiused ebony fretboard
  • ebony pickguard

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