Moore Bettah "How'z It, Brah?" Ukulele (USED)



Chuck Moore's "Moore Bettah" ukuleles have become unobtanium -- they're legendary amongst players who covet their incredible sound and worksmanship, and Chuck is no longer taking orders for new instruments. This uke has the best model name of any instrument on the market: it's a "How'z It, Brah?" complete with bare feet soundholes and a more "traditional" soundport on the bass side. Masterfully constructed from curly koa, its sound will bewilder any ukulele enthusiast. There's more volume and punch that you'd ever need, with a voice as warm and sweet as an instrument built 100 years ago. We sold this uke when it was new, and it remains in near-perfect shape (only slight signs of handling are evident when its surfaces are examined in reflected light). If you've been waiting for a Moore Bettah uke to surface, we'd suggest pouncing while the pouncing's good. Priced with its original hard case.


  • Curly Koa construction
  • Gator covered hard case
  • Serial No. 1033

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