"I like to refine my circuits and layouts to the point where they are so simple that it's almost a joke. Each time I build an amplifier I refine it more and more. The goal is not to make it easier to build or save money - a simple amp circuit just tends to sound best." -Tim Marcus

Milkman Sound's Tim Marcus is building incredibly high quality amps that recall the greatest amps in Fender's catalog but are far from simple copies. Each model sports very useable features and breathtaking tones that have caught the ear of some of the finest players in the business.

The Half and Half is where the old technology meets the new technology. The preamp is similar to the other all tube Milkman amps - it's hand-wired with high plate voltage. The discrete tube preamp section feeds into a Class D power module which scales up to 300 watts (!). Its the most transparent and exciting sounding hybrid amp on the market. 

Unlike other hybrid amps, the tube portion of the Half and Half is designed and built like a vintage tube amp. It's not shoehorned into a circuitboard and running at low voltage. Tube amps need to be built a certain way to sound their best, be serviceable, and last into the ages. The Half and Half was designed with all of this in mind. 

A DI and XLR output with level control has been added to the rear panel. This allows you to use the amp as a standalone tube preamp with EQ. It's safe to run the Half and Half with no speaker attached, or you can use the DI with a speaker attached for a balanced XLR line out. 

Like all Milkman amps, the Half and Half is built using the finest possible components. 


  • 300W Class D
  • Tube EQ, Tube Reverb w/Dwell and Blend Control
  • 16 1/2" W x 20" H x 8" D
  • 28lbs

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