Matchless Amps started in 1989 with the goal of building the most versatile, reliable, and beautiful sounding amps on the market. To this day, the name Matchless is synonymous with quality and the list of top players that have called on these amps over the years is a very strong endorsement. 

The Avenger 30 is all about "British meets American" tones. 30 watts driven by four EL84 tubes, a 5AR4 rectifier tuber, and a handful of 12AX7s deliver just that - a gorgeous Super Reverb-meets-AC30-like tone. Chime, punch, plenty of headroom (trust us, the sound guy is gonna be all over you before you run out of headroom). For the gigs / situations where you want to push the amp into breakup territory but don't need 30 watts of it, there's a very useful, bypass-able, master volume w/a bright control to keep the volume in check. Add to this recipe a Dick Dale-approved reverb circuit and you've got one hell of a cool amp.

Condition: Very good. The amp has been used, but well cared for. Works as it should with no known issues. 

You really can't go wrong with a Matchless. Every one we've ever played through has been bullet-proof, full of killer tones, and utterly inspiring. Fans of both American and British amps would be well-served by checking this Avenger 30 out. There aren't many out there, so don't let this one slip by. 



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