Martin D-28 (1937)



We're proud to have this 1937 Martin D-28 in inventory: it's the cleanest pre-war herringbone we've seen, and the sound is the stuff of every hyperbolic guitar writeup you've read. One strum of this guitar lets you hear everything everyone who makes a flattop is trying to capture. First, the condition. The guitar has a well-made replica bridge, but is otherwise all-original -- and as mentioned, it's as clean as pre-war D-28s get. Though it's been played, and bears the expected pick wear on its top, much of the finish still shines like new (clearly, the guitar was well-loved and cared for). Sound? Well, you can skip to the video if you're not into flowery descriptions. As mentioned, if you're looking for the elusive pre-war Martin tone, it'd be hard to imagine finding another such guitar that projects it so clearly. It has the loud, penetrating projection of a text book bluegrass guitar, with huge low end and that full, round low midrange only a classic D-28 has. But its voice is very warm and colorful, with interesting overtones to be found in every position on the fingerboard. The high end has the woody punch of a great D-18, but with more depth and harmonic richness when played softly. After playing this guitar for a few minutes, it's easy to see why the D-28 has become Martin's flagship guitar -- and why dreadnoughts from 1937 have come to occupy the place regarded as the pinnacle of C.F. Martin's design and construction for the model. 

This guitar is on consignment, and priced with a custom Pollock-finished Calton Case. We invite interested buyers to contact us via phone or email. 


  • Serial No. 66283
  • Brazilian Rosewood back & sides
  • Red Spruce top
  • Forward-shifted scalloped braces
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Replica ebony bridge
  • 1 3/4" nut width
  • 25.4" Scale length
  • 2 5/16" string spacing
  • Calton Case

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