Martin D-18 (1943)



Here's a lovely little surprise that showed up on our doorstep last week. This very clean, unadulterated Martin D-18 from 1943 came from a good customer who is starting to downsize. Whether he wants to own fewer guitars or just smaller ones, we're pleased that he's not playing this one any more! It was purchased back in the early 90's from a reputable vintage dealer who performed a neck reset and refret. The tuners were replaced but with a period correct set of open backs. Otherwise, it's just the way it should be. D-18's from the early 40's are typically very light and this one is no exception. It has an ebony bar rather than a steel truss rod and a very comfortable semi-soft V-carve to the neck. The sound is all there as well. Plenty of wood and punch with a flat pick but sweet and melodic when played with a light touch. Action is good and set up for bluegrass at present but could come down for a the finger style player or light strummer. There is some moderate wear on the body and back of neck but nothing harsh or traumatic. A few dings and wear marks with no cracks. All original inside.  

1 11/16" nut
2 1/8" bridge spacing
Non-original hard shell case


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