Martin D-18 (1940)

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TME is proud to offer this exceptional-sounding 1940 Martin D-18 on consignment. Here's a brief rundown on the condition: it's wearing a replaced bridge, but its parts are otherwise original. The original bridge plate is present, and the pin holes have been re-plugged. It shows the ubiquitous pickguard crack, which has been repaired. There's a small hairline crack near the low E string tuner. The guitar does not appear to have ever had a neck reset, and the action currently sits just a hair over 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble side. It's well suited to a flat picker or strummer's attack, and sounds amazing capo'd anywhere between the 2nd & 6th frets. TJ Thompson has inspected the guitar, looked over the previous repairs and given it a clean bill of health. (And before we forget--check out the very cool figured ebony fretboard.)

The sound is pure early 40's D-18: exceptional woodiness and projection, with a wide-open throaty tone. This guitar seems able to do anything you ask of it--it can be bright, it can be warm ... loud, soft, delicate, fat ... it gives back whatever you put into it tenfold without sacrificing a hint of clarity. Great balance across the fretboard, and that immediately seductive dryness that causes us all to flock back to vintage Martins. The current owner has had it a little over ten years and originally acquired it from Buzzy Levine. It's one of two fantastic 40's D-18s in his stash, and it's time for him to focus on one guitar.

Priced with modern Martin hard case. Please contact us if you're interested in discussing this wonderful D-18.


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