Martin 000-18 (1943)

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TME is happy to host this exceptional vintage Martin 000-18. Whether you call it pre-war or war-time, the important features are here: Red Spruce top and scalloped bracing. This guitar is from one of our favorite periods for old Martins -- the early 1940's, when a steel shortage caused Martin to return to using ebony truss rods as neck support for many instruments. This 000-18 is one of those and carries the extreme lightness of build and huge responsiveness we associate with ebony-rod guitars. Condition: all original, except for replacement Waverly tuners, and crack free. The finish is very clean and shows very fine crazing consistent with age. The guitar has had a neck set at some point in the past and does not need one now--the setup and playability are excellent. Tone: what more could you want from an early 1940's 000-18. Explosive volume and projection (the guitar really moves a lot of air), with a wide-open, dry and woody sound. A perfect combination flat picking/fingerpicking guitar for anyone interested in traditional music who prefers the slimmer 1 11/16" nut width. Priced with contemporary hard case. Truly, a great guitar.

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