Martin 000-18 (1937)

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1937 Martin 000-18 just into the shop for consignment! This is a player's grade guitar which has seen a fair degree of work in its time. The back and sides are refinished (top is original finish), and the bridge & bridge plate are replacements. The work is clean and expertly done, and the new bridge plate is a correctly proportioned maple replica. Excellent setup and playability -- and most importantly, tone and responsiveness. While it won''t compete with a dreadnought for volume and projection, it will likely best a dreadnought with its sweetness of sound and warmth. And it's got that great, woody responsiveness up the neck that we vintage Martin aficionados recognize as the sign of a well broken-in guitar. 24.9" SL, 1 3/4" nut width, 2 5/16" string spacing. With modern hard case. 


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