Martin 0-28 (1892)

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A Martin this old and well-preserved might only come around once in a generation. This 0-28 hand-dated 1892 is a time capsule of sorts: not only is the guitar 100% original and unmodified, it's still in its original coffin case -- which itself is still in its original shipping carton, used by the owner to send the guitar back and forth between his residence in Boston and his Summer lodgings in New Hampshire. Let's quickly recap the condition. As stated, the guitar is all-original, complete with solid ivory friction pegs. It's been left untouched for years and has dried out a bit, leaving several small cracks and a slightly lifted bridge. The neck has also pulled forward over time; and while it's possible to put nylon strings on it and play it in the first couple positions, a buyer interested in playing the guitar up the neck may want to investigate a neck reset with a qualified luthier. We have chosen to leave the guitar as-is, but we can assist should the credentials of such a repairman be needed. 

Aside from the very cool story and sense of history that accompany the guitar, the instrument itself is just a marvel of Martin's storied craftsmanship. A precursor to the modern style "28", this guitar has beautiful cosmetic touches that really enhance its subtle grace. Note the multi-colored wood backstrip and boxed end graft -- simply beautiful. 

This guitar is on consignment from the original owner's family. Overnight shipping only via our online shopping cart. Please inquire for ground shipping options or in-store pickup.


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