Pre-owned Lowden Pierre Bensusan model just into the shop! You can think of the Bensusan as an F, with a cutaway, made from Honduran Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce ... with a few very notable features. It's got a slightly wider than 1 3/4" nut width, and slightly longer than 25.5" scale, for enhanced fingerstyle playability and resonance in DADGAD. The ebony arm rest enhances playability further, and the figured Canadian Maple neck seems to impart some extra projection and clarity. A fabulous, rich-sounding guitar -- quite possibly the best fingerstyle instrument on the market. Although pre-owned, this guitar remains in mint condition. We sold it when it was new, and remember it as an exceptional-sounding example. Priced with Hiscox hard case.

On consignment.

* Back and sides: Honduras rosewood
* Top: Adirondack Spruce
* Neck: Fingerstyle low profile 45 mm / 60 mm
* Back of the neck, Flamed Canadian Maple
* String width at bridge: 60 mm
* Soundbox: F size cutaway, with * soundbox bevel faced in mottled ebony
* Soundbox voicing: Bracing - bass bias 'dolphin profile' bracing with soundbox geometry also bass bias
* Soundbox depth: 130 mm at tail block
* Bridge: Madagascar rosewood
* Split two piece saddle for accurate tuning
* Fingerboard: Madagascar ebony bound with ebony and maple
* Headfacing: Bookmatched front and back with ebony
* Bevel: 25 mm wide at widest point faced with mottled ebony with bracing voicing compensation
* Machineheads: Gotoh 510 series gold / ebony
* Case: Hiscox Deluxe Liteflite


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