Lowden GL-10c P90 Macassar Ebony



"My interest was revived through a request from an artist in 2016. I went away on a retreat to think through the design options. The first prototype exceeded my expectations in terms of visual appeal, balance and, in the guitar's inherent design features, a natural ability to sustain without trying!" - George Lowden

It's long been established that George Lowden and company make exquisite/sophisticated acoustic guitars. For the first time in decades, they've turned their attention to electric solid-body guitars and the results are no less stunning. This is the first of the GL-10s we've received with P90s, and to put it lightly, we're blown away. 

Upon first glance, it's clear something different is going on with these guitars (meaning, this isn't a Fender or a Gibson). Those familiar with Lowden instruments will immediately notice those distinct Lowden lines - the shape of the body is very similar to Lowden's S body shape. From there, you can't help but notice just how thin these guitars are. Very similar to the depth of a Gibson Melody Maker, if not a touch thinner, these guitars look as though they were sculpted in a way we haven't seen from more mainstream guitars. The open-pore/satin finish combined with this sculpted quality creates an ultra refined, luxurious playing experience. Other details reveal themselves with a closer inspection - the ergonomic body carve, recessed bridge, etc...etc...lots of gorgeous detail. 

The neck carve is similar to the Lowden acoustic shape, though a touch flatter feeling in our hands. It's a comfortable carve and the fretwork is immaculate. The overall feel is slinky, solid, resonant, and very addictive.

Plugged in? Absolutely gorgeous tones via the Lollar P90s. There's tons of sustain on tap - no doubt the brass block and inserts (where the strings attach, top and back) factor in here - fantastic clarity and midrange bite.We found the dynamic range incredibly inspiring and were able to pull Tele-esq twang, ES-335-esq bite and midrange, and Les Paul-esq punch just by changing up our right hand attack. A very satisfying guitar to play, no doubt. 

Traditionalists might feel the new GL-10 is too modern for them, but more adventurous players (and of course Lowden devotees) will no doubt be knocked out by what Lowden is bringing to the table with their re-entry into solid body electrics. Check it out! Priced with hardshell case. 


  • Mahogany body
  • Macassar Ebony top
  • Hand rubbed oil finish 
  • 5 piece mahogany with rosewood splices neck, C-shape
  • Ancient Bog Oak headstock face
  • 24.8" Scale Length 
  • 12" Radius
  • 1.69" Nut Width 
  • Lollar P90s
  • 3-way switch, 2 volumes, 1 tone, gold knurled knobs
  • Gotoh GE103B-T bridge
  • Gotoh 510 tuners w/ebony buttons
  • Strings .010-.046 
  • Custom fit hard case 
  • 8lbs 4oz

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