"I didn't want to make Telecasters or Stratocasters or Les Paul copies, I wanted to do my own thing. Because these are original shapes, I had the flexibility to do anything I wanted." -Saul Koll

This killer Troubadour just came in on trade, and having once belonged to Saul Koll himself, we thought we'd let him tell the story...

"In the normal course of my business as a guitar maker, I take in trades. Players and collectors are seldom at rest and if its a Koll, I'm usually game. I'm always happy to help find new homes for them. This Troubadour was one such instrument.

These guitars quickly get turned into cash or trade fodder. This one was a little different. It was built in the Gene Baker/PBG collaborations. It was among the first batch of Troubadours.

I had designed this model to be more Fendery than my normal Glide offerings. The bolt on 25 1/2" scale neck and the two point vibrato puts it in that field. I was thinking Esquire when I was spec'ing electronics but wanted more oomph. I felt the high output TV Jones Power'Tron would be just the ticket, with its fat PAF-like punch, but its narrow aperture brightness.

Rather than quickly moving this one it ended up hanging around because I fell in love with it. I love the wheat color top. It's alder body has a very pronounced grain like ash, it's classically beautiful. Its balance and feel are fantastic. I love the sound, it's a complex simplicity. I can get a super powerful punch yet it still has clarity. If you roll back the volume you can get a very clean and sweet sound too.

I ended up keeping for several years and played many shows with my band the Lovesores. For years my main guitars were a '68 Tele with factory Bigsby, and a 1981 Les Paul. In recent years a TV Jones equipped Super Glide Almighty has taken the place of those two. I tend to run them through a variety of Marshall amps, and the occasional Matchless. 

Somehow this Troubadour captured things I loved about each of those guitars all in one. It's simple, beautiful, fun to play, and rocks like crazy. I'm confident the next owner will be charmed as well." - Saul

Condition: Excellent save for some minor indentations along the lower rim of the body (see pics). The guitar passed through Saul's shop/hands before coming to our shop and was given a setup and his blessing. The setup is fantastic - this is a super slinky feeling guitar with awesome fretwork. 

As with a lot of guitars that come through our shop, we're all trying not to buy this for ourselves! A killer guitar, period.


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