"I didn't want to make Telecasters or Stratocasters or Les Paul copies, I wanted to do my own thing. Because these are original shapes, I had the flexibility to do anything I wanted." -Saul Koll

We are really excited to announce that The Music Emporium will be the exclusive dealer for Koll Guitar Co.'s new limited run Kombi 5 Watt Amp! Developed in collaboration with Benson Amplifiers, the Kombi is an EL84-based 5-watt combo amp with spring reverb and a single 10" Celestion Greenback speaker. 

The Kombi draws on Saul's love of old Marshall's, Vox's and funky pawn shop amps, with a design and tone that slants British. While production has started, Koll has being doing a little more design refinement - see pics of the clear handle they'll be using as an example - and delivery is expected by Summer 2020. 

We will have 10 Kombi amps available, so don't snooze if you'd like one. Pre-sales are being taken now! 


  • 5 Watt Combo
  • 10" Celestion Greenback Speaker
  • EL84 Tubes
  • Spring Reverb

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