"In the beginning, my fear was that nobody would get it - that what I was doing was just too radical for the mindset of the guitar-playing public." - Steve Klein 

While a Klein guitar's appearance can certainly be polarizing, adopters like Bill Frisell, Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell, David Torn, Michael Hedges, Andy Summers, and Mick Goodrick do much to validate Steve's innovative approach to guitar making. These ergonomic guitars are incredibly comfortable to play, which of course, is the whole point. When seated, the neck angle is exactly where you'd want it - tilted slightly upwards without you needing to position yourself in any particular way. This sounds like a small thing, but when playing it, it's not. By not having to focus on holding the instrument in the ideal position, one is free to simply play. You never notice this with other guitars until it's removed from the equation (the need to hold it in a particular way). It's a very cool thing to experience and certainly part of the Klein "genius", if you will. 

Tonally this guitar sounds fantastic. The Barden made pickups are punchy, articulate, and balanced (Danny Gatton famously played Barden pickups, 'nough said, right?). It's easy to coax gorgeous reverb-drenched cleans or heavily overdriven sonic mayhem from this guitar - it's simply waiting for your input. Push/pull pots add to the versatility. Fat humbucker tones through to stringy Strat-like single coil tones are doable. 

Aside from the incredible ease-of-play this chambered BF-96 delivers, the trans-trem bridge is easily its co-star. You can transpose the guitar's tuning up or down by guiding the tremolo bar into several perfectly notched positions at the base of the bar. It's like  quickly capo'ing up a few keys or down into baritone territory at the flick of the bar. It's an exceptionally cool thing to be able to do. You're probably wondering, "yeah, that sounds cool....but....does it stay in tune?" Yep. That's what makes it such a jaw-dropping design. Within seconds you're in a new tuning, in tune, and ready to roll. Amazing. 

These guitars have become rather collectable over the years and it's easy to see why. Aside from folks like Ken Parker and Ned Steinberger, few builders have truly brought something altogether new to guitar design like Steve Klein. There's simply nothing else out there that comes close to this BF-96. Highly recommended! Priced with original gig bag. 


  • Chambered Swamp Ash body
  • One-piece rosewood neck
  • Steinberger Trans-Trem
  • Barden pickups
  • 5 way pickup selector
  • Push / Pull volume and tone pot
  • 25 1/2" scale length

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