The K&K Pure Mini pickup has established itself as the players choice for a no-nonsense, simple pickup that is very true to the sound of the guitar. As a passive pickup, there is no battery to worry about. It is simply wired to the output jack, and given a higher-than-average passive output, it provides all the sound many players need. Some choose to add an external preamp, and the result is remarkable!

Soundboard transducers are beginning to replace the internal microphone's place in acoustic amplification. They are mic-like in response, providing much of the natural tone of the instrument. However, they are much more feedback resistant than a mic. The K&K Pure Western has been a go-to solution for us. It appeals to players who want the most natural tone that they can get, and also don't want to break the bank getting that tone.

We recommend the Pure Mini, and also stock the Pure 12 (formerly the Pure Western Standard). Call us for more information!


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