Julius Borges 000-40 Koa (2003)

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Just into the shop! 2003 Julius Borges 000-40, made from Hawaiian Koa. Overall, the guitar is in near mint condition and has not been modified or repaired in any way. Aside from its gorgeous looks, there's the sound. This lightly built, hugely resonant guitar has an intoxicating voice that seems to combine the best elements of mahogany and rosewood -- it's dry and woody, but sparkles beautifully in the high end. A very versatile guitar, it shines whether fingerpicked, strummed or flatpicked. Priced with its original, Harptone-style hard case. On consignment ~ no trades, please.

1 13/16" nut width
24.9" SL
2 3/8" string spacing


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